Affordable Housing and Historic Preservation

Healthy Rowhouse Project (Grant 1), Co-Founder, 2014 to 2016, with Karen Black. Geneva, Switzerland based Oak Foundation chose to place a planning grant with the Center for Architecture rather than in an academic think tank setting, recognizing the value of architects' experience in translating ideas into real physical change in the built environment. Hosted Mayoral Forum (with Next Great City) and met with all Mayoral candidates and selected City Council candidates to promote a linked strategy for home repair as public health and affordable housing policy. The new Council passed a $100 million bond issue to support affordable housing.

Philadelphia Assembled, a project of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, sole invited architect, 2014 to December 2017, convened by renowned Dutch artist, Jeanne Van Heeswijk. Prime resource person for Reconstructions Atmosphere artists and activists on racial and class disparities in home repair and strategies for assisting  people in keeping their homes as a buffer against economic and cultural displacement. Art installations derived from group processes brought international attention to ways art can make connections among people and give them real strategies to keep their homes and culture as neighborhoods change. Opening day at the museum drew 2,000 visitors.

UNESCO World Heritage City, Philadelphia , Community Development Group, member representing  Healthy Rowhouse Project, 2016 to present, formed to take the benefits of being a World Heritage City into all neighborhoods.

United Nations Regional Conference prior to Habitat III, Philadelphia, Invited Representative for Healthy Rowhouse Project, 2016 

WHYY / Plan Philly At Home in a Rowhouse, Panelist 2016, representing Healthy Rowhouse Project     A surprisingly young crowd, given that it is a public TV station, showed keen interest in rowhouse preservation as a public health and affordable housing strategy.

Pennsylvania Statewide Conference on Heritage, Lewisburg PA - Understanding the Issues and Realities of Lead Paint and What It Means for Pennsylvania's Cultural Resources Presenter 2016, representing Healthy Rowhouse Project, A receptive group of "Capital P" historic preservationists warmly embraced "Small P" preservation strategies to save humble 18th and 19th century rowhouses and make them healthier for occupants.