Healthy Rowhouse Project

Following the success of her volunteer work to create the Healthy Rowhouse Project and to obtain a second foundation grant, Kiki has continued with the project as a consultant on Service Delivery and Outreach. Blogging for the Project she wrote: 


Modern-day redlining is keeping many people of color from getting the home improvement loans they need to maintain their 100-plus-year-old rowhouses.  The Healthy Rowhouse Project is working toward a new model for connecting  people with the capital and contractors they need to save their homes.


Civic Engagement

Beginning in 2006, Kiki worked with the Penn Project for Civic Engagement as a small group leader for a variety of civic engagement projects.

Civic Engagement Project: Philadelphia Inquirer and Penn Praxis Kimmel Center "Activating the Public Space", Group leader, 2008.

Civic Engagement Project: Philadelphia Inquirer Mayoral Workshops, Group leader, 2007.

Civic Engagement Project: Philadelphia Inquirer "The Big Picture" - Future of the Arts in the Philadelphia Region, Group leader 2006

Civic Engagement Project: Central Delaware Waterfront Planning Process Community Forums,     Group leader 2006-2007. A vast visioning process was led by Penn Praxis and the Penn Project for Civic Engagement to gather ideas and create design guidelines for a seven mile stretch of riverfront. In Ms. Bolender's very first experience as a group leader, 14 of 15 group participants were longshoremen, angry and worried that public uses would take away their livelihoods. Near the end of the evening, as the host was standing on a table imploring the crowd to be orderly, a longshoreman from her group came over to her to share some lemonade, and said, "I'm 52 years old, and no one has ever asked my opinion before".

Historic Preservation Tax Credits

Bolender Architects has successfully aided owners in applying for Historic Preservation Tax Credits through the National Park Service Technical Preservation Services. The owner of a mixed use building in the East Center City Commercial Historic District received a tax credit equal to 20% of the total project cost, including professional fees. For another mixed use building, Bolender Architects assisted the owners with Parts I and II of the application, which require the most research and documentation, including knowledge of Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. The owner completed Part III. These handsome 19th Century buildings are back in use after years of neglect and are contributing to the revitalization of the Independence Hall neighborhood. The 20% tax credit was maintained in the 2017 tax reform legislation, but the 10% tax credit for rehabilitation of pre-1936 non-designated buildings was dropped. More information can be found at